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. after last week, everyone thought the saints would roll over the jets. defense showed up. and geno smith nice juke to the inside for the touchdown. and nick falk, four field goals. jets surprised the saints. >>> chiefs undefeated, this one wasn't easy until this, ran back 100 yards tying things up at 10. tied game in the fourth, the ball punched loose. how about the kansas city defense this year. easily the best defense in the nfl. that's why they're still undefeated. they win it 23-13. to arlington, cowboys trailing the vikings. romo gets a lot of heat for not finishing games and coming up big. i think he's 9 for 9 on the final drive of the game. that was the go-ahead touchdown to dwayne harris, a 90 yard drive. they come back to win 27-23. how about redskins/chargers. pick it up in overtime. one of the best highlight for the whole game? but that wins it. and that was young's third touchdown of the game. skins whip it 30-24. let's stay in the nfc east. eagles visiting the raiders. who saw this coming? last two weeks, eagles offense was atrocious, they couldn't do anything. so nick foles
been republicans would be hurt so badly by defense cuts we can extract something. rand paul doesn't care about the defense cuts. why don't we jettison some of the crap, speaking about defense cuts. he wants more defense cuts. the idea this is somehow leveraged is maybe not that accurate. if you can unwind sequestration or put in a better bargain, if you will, and not get revenue, it still might be a good deal for democrats at this point. >> not a good bargain for the tea party. if you want to look for a sign of how much less power the tea party has now, look at what tom cole said, both sides won. he said more revenue, higher taxes, if they can do away with sequester, which is more spending. that's a republican saying, okay, we'll take higher taxes and more spending. the tea party is looking like it will get railroaded on this because a lot of republicans do care about pentagon spending. $25 billion is coming out of the pentagon next year and they are already carping about the $50 billion that hit this year. so they think they need $50 billion back. they don't want to give up anoth
and inconvenience and taking your shoes off and all the rest. really they are the first line of defense. >> yes, they are. not necessarily the first but they are a line of defense. there are other things that go on in airports. i'm sure we can improve the symptoms. in charge, deputy director of fbi is making a massive effort to do that. i just flew to washington on the shuttle to new york, massive lines. i don't mind. i want to be sure that i'm protected and other people traveling are protected. >> jane harmon, thanks so much. jim cavanaugh, as you hear the former congresswoman talking about lines of defense, talking about that vulnerable area before the checkpoint, she's pointing out has other means, presumably eyes on suspicious people. there's a certain amount of profiling that does take place, does it not? >> that's true. there's some cameras watching. there will be some officers. until you're actually talking to someone or going through security, that's the first realtime you're confronted. you may have been, and i went to israel a few years ago to work with the national police over there
pushing for defense cuts. you would say anathema for democrat -- >> or for republicans to support some of those. >> that's come with no political consequences. what's difficult for obama, he agrees with a very large percentage of these policies which he wants to legitimate and continue an enshrine. i think it's hard for him to publicly make the case for legislation that would curb some of these excesses. >> ezra. >> i think it's interesting in underlying politics. one, we're having huge defense cuts right now. one of the great political misjudgments in the last few years was believing it's the old party with defense spending. the rand paul wing in power quicker than they realized. it's much more comfortable among republicans with defense cuts. not total. you are seeing a ripping through of that budget. one of the things unsettled in addition to what frank said about exposes and technological challenges. technological challenges. on the one hand you're having rapid evolution in the republican party about what they think about national security consensus they had had four or five, six ye
, like angela merkel. you'll hear a lot of defensiveness and i use that word carefully. there's a lot that the nsa and director of intelligence want to remind people about. it's the reason they engage in data collection in the first place. they immediately turn to 9/11 and what happened then and what they are trying to do to prevent that. they come to this, the head of the nsa saying he wanted to speak from his heart and talked about that. really putting forth a vigorous defense for the people who work at these agencies too. they did that knowing there were protesters sitting a few words behind from the group cold pink recode pink removed because of disruptions they brought to it. their message was stop spying on us. this is a time when the agencies and spy work highly classified to begin with is under this new level of public scrutiny and diplomatic ramifications with what's happening with our allies. when you have someone like dianne feinstein, one of the most fierce defenders and supporters of the intelligence community, when she has questions or doubts, that's a sign there's a p.r
have availed themselves of the stand your ground defense more frequently than have an glo defendants. >> that was a congressional hearing on tuesday to examine stand your ground laws. the same hearing where trayvon's mother testified alongside another grieving florida mom. both women were calling the memory of their slain sons brutally gunned down in two separately and senseless acts of violence. cruz was alluding to a story of the conservative website the daily caller that was later repeated and rebuked on fox news. the article entitled blacks benefit from florida stand your ground law at disproportionate rate argue that african-americans benefited at a rate higher than the proportion of the state's population. saying that because one third of stand your ground claims were made by black defendants, and those who used the defense were successful 55% of the time, while white defendants -- but the fact is such a claim is grossly misleading and in fact not correct. first, in its analysis, it neglects the fact that killings by blacks perpetrators more likely to be determined as justified
and tennessee postponed trick or treating. >>> new this morning, defense secretary chuck hagel is speaking publicly about something he says causes division. nine 125i9s are refusing to issue military i.d. cards to same sex spouses of service members. that goes against pentagon policy. secretary hagel says he's taking action to remedy the situation. >> everyone who serves our country in uniform, everyone in this country, should receive all the benefits they deserve and they have earned. and in accordance with the law. everyone's rights must be protected. >> a senior defense official tells nbc news there are 114 national guard sites not complying with the policy. >>> the skies might be friendlier soon after a decision from the faa. airline passengers will now be allowed to use smart phones, tablets and ereaders on board that includes takeoff and landing as long as everything is in airplane mode. but you still can't make calls or send text messages. many are clamoring to be the first. >>> the new york police department's controversial stop and frisk policy is back in the news. a federal paerl
that african-american defendants have availed themselves of the stand your ground defense more frequently than have anglo defendants. >> stand your ground is good law for minorities? he's wrong. the numbers tell the story. under stand your ground, if the victim is black or hispanic, the killer walks free 78% of the time. but if the victim is white, the killer walks free 56% of the time. a 22 point difference. no matter what self-appointed expert ted cruz says, those are the facts that really matter. joining me now is trayvon martin's mother sybrina fulton and her lawyer daryl parks. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having us. >> thank you. >> you know, i know it's been an emotional day for you, sybrina, but what's your response to these comments of stand your ground that senator ted cruz made during the hearing today? >> i think there's some disconnect there. i think he certainly is not aware of the real law and how it affects us as a community. i have a real problem when teenagers are afraid to walk to the store for a drink and candy. there are issues there. and you want everybody t
virginia is very much tied to the federal government in terms of investment defense spending and technology investment. and i think the republicans are going to pay a very heavy price for that next tuesday. >> you know, we have -- you talk about sort of the gender gap there. you have the latest poll, "washington post"/abc news has mcauliffe winning by 24 points among women. i think back to four years ago, mcauliffe, his national reputation, he was a bungler. sort of a d.c. big pun guy. he ran four years ago in virginia, got trounced in the democratic primary. you know, i hear there's a writer for "new york" magazine who said at the start of this campaign this year that terry mcauliffe is the democrat that democrats have been dreaming of voting against. i just look at this race, congressman, in all honesty, do you think there's anything terry mcauliffe has done to win this thing other than just not be ken cuccinelli? >> i think terry has run a very disciplined campaign. i think he's addressed issues in a very forthright way. you know, some of them very progressive positions on gun issues, fo
equality, despite repealing don't ask, don't tell. despite overturning the so-called defense of marriage act. despite all these gains, there are still 29 states where there are no laws, no legal bowl work whatsoever to protect lesbian, gay and bisexual from being fired simply for who they are. and is the same goes for transgender people in 33 states. but today there are signs of progress in wash. senate majority leader harry reid has set a vote for monday on legislation that would protect the lgbt community from workplace discrimination. to talk about it, joining us now is representative mark pocan, democrat of wisconsin, and chris geitner, legal editor at the bill in the senate is called the employment and nondiscrimination act and bars companies with more than 15 employees from discriminating against workers on the basis of their sexuality or sexual orientati orientation. and joe manchin of west virginia was the last holdout among the democrats. he's now on board. two republicans, collins of maine and kirk of illinois, are also on board. and then there is hope that three
defensive. the reality is the nsa saved thousands of lives. not just the united states but also in france and germany and throughout europe. we're not doing it for the fun of it. this is to gather valuable intelligence which helps not just us but the europeans. >> with the government shutdown behind us and the fight of obama care still going the republican party beginning it's search for a new identity. yesterday dick chaney weighed in on the state of the gop. >> we have a long way to go to rebuild the party. it's important that we bring in a new generation of leadership. i think after the presidential election last year, you know, we got whipped. a lot of us thought we were going to pull it out and that didn't happen. >> we will have a lot more with dick cheney this morning when the former vice president joins us here in studio on morning joe. but as politicians from both parties begin to position themselves for a run at the white house in 2016, senator ted cruz has an edge when it comes to hype and headlines. over the weekend, the freshman senator from texas laid out his vision for the
that stomach stumped all of them. >> 200 point question. we're going to be on permanent defense for the foreseeable future. is the bleak assessment of a republican strategist writing in a memo revealed this week about his party's prospects in what major state? time. i bet watson wouldn't have known that either, but the answer was california, the golden state. that memo made big news this week as republican party and america's biggest state just dying off. that's next. except when it's too cold. like the last three weekends. asthma doesn't affect my job... you missed the meeting again last week! it doesn't affect my family. your coughing woke me up again. i wish you'd take me to the park. i don't use my rescue inhaler a lot... depends on what you mean by a lot. coping with asthma isn't controlling it. test your level of control at, then talk to your doctor. there may be more you could do for your asthma. or just seem to fade away, day by day? don't compromise. vidal sassoon pro series from the original salon genius starts vibrant, stays vibrant. precision mix formula s
, i think the president should stop apologizing and stop being defensive. the reality is the nsa has saved thousands of lives not just in the united states but in france, germany and throughout europe. the french is someone to talk. they carried out operations against the united states, the government and industry. as far as germany, that's where the hamburg plot began which led to 9/11. they've had dealings with iran and iraq, north korea, and the french and the germans in european countries. we're not doing it for the fun of it. this is to gather valuable intelligence which helps not just us but also helps the europeans. >> but it's deep. we were apparently bugging angela merkel's phone from the time she was an opposition leader in germany back in 2002. again, i understand why this is done. i cover these issues, but i think a lot of people watching us right now are thinking, what is it we're doing? you mentioned the hamburg plot. we share intelligence with germany. they're allies in this fight, not someone to be looked at so skeptically. >> first of all, we do share intelligence an
should stop apologizing, stop being defensive. the reality is the nsa has saved thousands of lives, not just in the united states but also in france and germany and throughout europe. and we're not doing this for the fun of it. this is to gather valuable intelligence which helps not just us but also helps the europeans. >> so, mark, we have allies that are upset with us, germany, france, mexico, brazil and spain. but the reality is that we're all doing this. >> i'd like putin to be angry with us, okay. i'd like to know that the north koreans are angry with us more than our allies but let's say what peter king just said. peter king is mixing apples and oranges. i agree with him, nsa spying that protects our national security is critical. but he is lumping in this what i would call gratuitous spying on our leaders that could have enormous consequences for our national security. >> what if this is just trust but verify? >> listen, in the end trust but verify comes down to a very simple proposition. they all knew that we're spying. they do it, everybody does it. but the fact of the mat
used by the u.s. missile defense agency, army, as well as nasa. justice correspondent pete williams joins us. he was arrested friday and we're getting the details now? >> the court documents were unsealed today, he lived in the southeastern coast of england. not only the agency you mentioned, department of energy, health and human services he infiltrat infiltrated. he was not so much interested in government secrets but personal identifying information for people who were contractors and quote from e-mails he was sending to other hackers from australia and sweden, describing how to install back doors on the sites and use them later to get information. they quote an e-mail he send saying, it's basically every piece of information you'd need to do full identity theft on any employee or contractor. so at the request of the u.s., british authorities arrested him on friday. there are charges pending in two separate courts here in the u.s. now they will see extradition undoubtedly to get in here and face these charges. >> thank you very much. the website has a new look. gon
on into this case. the judge's order for a new trial, he says skakel's defense lawyer made numerous mistakes including failure to call an alibi witness, failure to identify other potential suspects in the case, and not mentioning reasonable doubt in his closing argument. in your opinion, would those things have changed the verdict? >> absolutely. they would have joined the verdicts. the only thing that the jury heard was testimony saying michael skakel confessed to clubbing martha moxley to death with a golf club. they never heard the testimony of the people who said he couldn't have done that. he was 11 miles away. and i'll tell you why what he was doing that night. he had a brother called rush skakel who had lived in london for a year. and rush skakel while he was in london had watched monty python's flying circus which was on bbc in london but it had never been shown in this country. and it was going to have a premiere on u.s. television. so he loved the show and he invited michael and julie skakel and george and then a man who today is a famous psychiatrist who was an acquaintance of his
of speaks to that. >> the president should stop apologizing and being defensive. the realty is the nsa has saved thousands of lives not just in united states but in france and germany and throughout europe. quite frankly they have done so much for our country and help this president in his term, he should be -- he's commander in chief, he should stand with nsa. >> george w. bush took like the peter king approach, the world was black and white. if it was furthering our aim of capturing bad guys, that was the end of the story. this president because he is conflicted in some ways he's not getting praise or doing the right thing by either side's opinion. he seems publicly sort of like he's not even sure where he should be did. >> i don't think he knows where he is. he didn't even know this was going on. >> come on, he knew. we talk honestly in public about what we do with intelligence, of course he knew. >> i don't think that makes it better for him not to have known. i'm not sure they would put that out there if it's not true. >> there's a factual question, if he knew and he and his team are
employees and government spending in general. including defense spending which partly explains i think why with cuccinelli is getting beat down in newport news. >> these numbers are stirring. look at this. among the voters down there, republicans have once again fielded a candidate who women generally flee from in droves. if women flee in droves. even in the case of rape and incest which for some people is an exception is losing to terry mcauliffe among women. this is like the new york mayor's race. 24-point difference. among basically even among men tied. so the issues that grab our attention and women in the media and outside the media didn't seem to move the men. maybe they're gun oriented or something. they're still with cuccinelli. but a 24-point spread for women. what do you make of that? >> i would give terry mcauliffe some credit there. he has not been afraid to run on the social issues in virginia. >> no, he isn't. >> he and his people saw that there was this gender gap and it could be widened. cuccinelli also supports a personhood bill which makes contraception illegal. he has go
's defense, saying that the president should stand with the nsa and not be apologizing. peter king is the former chair of the homeland security committee and joins me from capitol hill. good to see you again. >> thank you. >> there's a new story today denied by keith alexander that the nsa was able to crack into yahoo! and google's centers and collect data without permission. i don't know if that's without fisa permission or without permission of the companies. we have not confirmed any of this. as i said, keith alexander at a bloomberg conference has just denied it. do you know anything about this? >> no, and i have every reason to believe general alexander. so far virtually every story that's come out from the snowden leaks about the nsa has been proven either to be phoney or trivial. >> well, not the angela merkel leak for sure. there's been a lot that's been proved. what has not been proved or has been denied now is the mass data collection in spain and in france. that's been clarified over the last couple of days. >> i can't confirm whether or not angela merkel was being surve
. >> strategically. the question republicans have to answer for themselves. what's more important to them. defense spending or say, agricultural subsidies because it is the defense spending that they would get restored in this kind of deal. >> right. they have to give up agriculture subsidies. republicans like agriculture subsidies. >> they do. >> yeah. >> a lot of them get agricultural subsidies. they're wealthy. rural. overwhelmingly white. the kind of people republicans are genuinely happy to see getting help from the government. one of the few government programs. republicans have been debating more be spent than the democrats want to spend. that's the kind of cut that democrats are trying to get in this budget agreement. >> all right. there is possibility fee here. you sold me this is possible. >> i'm not making any guarantees. >> you have laid out a perfectly conceivable scenario. i couldn't have done that. i didn't see that deal. now i do. >> okay. all right. >> jothank you for joining us. >> thank you, lawrence. >> chris hayes is up next. >>> good evening from new york. i'm chris hayes. pr
is the first line of defense. they are there at the metal detectors and first person of authority you see with a badge on. they are backed up by police officers but the men and women of tsa are right out front. they are the ones that have to deal. evidently the shooter came in with the what's described as a semiautomatic ak-47 like rifle in a bag. when he went to the metal det t detector where we would drop our laptop or bag, he came out with his gun. pete williams broeched the question too. what's significant is that he appears he targeted tsa officers. we know we're told one was killed and two or three wounded. the witness you just spoke to said he was asked if he was tsa. possibly one of the things everyone is considering is about two months ago a tsa officer at lax allegedly made an inappropriate comment about how a 15-year-old girl was dressed as she was going through the line. he was terminated when he was terminated, he called in and wrote in death threats against tsa agents and against the lax airport and arrested and charged. number one, he may still be in custody. number two, h
, this is a big deal, we thought we worked out a compromise, nsa threw a couple defensive tools into the blackberry. now he uses his blackberry. let me give you the backdrop to that story, joe, mika. the most powerful man on earth, the most powerful man in the most powerful nation on earth was just told that his communications were susceptible to intercept by dozens of foreign embassies inside his own national capitol. we didn't render garments. we didn't protest. we realized. that's the way things are. >> you aren't shocked by angela merkel's phone being monitored? >> no. >> is this like the new tie tony blair was going to we're before he left his house? >> general can i ask you a question, is it surprising to you, does it raise questions when the president of the united states says he wasn't aware after this kind of under surveillance and monitoring was under way? should the president know or not know? what is your impression of that? >> i am kind of in the same place that senator colins was. you would have thought he would have known. on the other hand, i can imagine circumst
it syndrome? >> well, clearly the iraqis have to take care of their own defense. the united states has made an incredible investment in helping the people of iraq. they have to take responsibility for the defense of their own country. there is a role that the united states can play, but it's not going to be a military role. >> all right, senator. what about your position on the finance committee? i want to ask you about the impact of the food stamp cutbacks. one estimate indicates every dollar in food stamps leads to $1.70 in economic activity. aside from the obvious impact to the recipients, could cutting food stamps actually slow the economy? >> absolutely. this hurts our economy. we've already seen some self-inflicted wounds with the government shutdown and threatening our national credit. now with the food stamp program, recipients receiving less funds and even threatened further cuts, that hurts our economy. and it hurts people. it hurts people that are very vulnerable. the nutrition is critically important. it's important for young people. it's important for their ability to learn, fo
defensive. the reality is the nsa has saved thousands of lives not just in the u.p.s. but france and germany and throughout europe. we're trying to gatherable against that helps us and helps the europeans. >> there are reports that the president did know that angela merkel's cell phone was being tapped. >> talk about a confounding story in terms of not understanding the concept as to why we would do this. why it would go unknown by the president if it was. david ignatius can you put this in perspective and snowden's role. is he still such a menace or is he revealing things we need to know? >> first about nsa collection, it seems increasingly clear if nsa could collect a signal it would. and just add to this ever greater pile of data. analysts couldn't possibly have gone through and made sense of all the signals that they had access to. in terms of spying on the world leaders, the 35 world leaders which is the latest thing that's riled the europeans and people all over the world, it's hard to imagine, if you captured something of interest from angela merkel's cell phone that reference to that
the secretary of defense, the secretary of treasury, the secretary of state, who voted against the farm bill and has turned around and manipulated those votes and said the president is abusing his power. it's shocking. >> i think it's important to note that i went back and read cruz's senior thesis at princeton. he has been concerned about the role of the president way back to his college years. i'm completely anti-castro. so i'm with him 100% on castro. i just don't think castro has anything to do with president obama. >> i grew up in cuba under a strong military oppressive dictatorship. i think the most ominous words i have heard were the last when our president said if congress does not act, i will act unilaterally. not much different than that or the trend that i left behind in cuba, governing by decree, by executive order, just like fidel castro. >> and by the way, the last two state of the union addresses he was referring to, he was talking about steps of the federal government to combat climate change. he didn't say he was, he said he was going to use his authority to take action. sen
.s. federal agency, including the army and the u.s. missile defense agency. we'll get a live report from pete williams on that story. >>> chris brown in court, charged with felony assault, for breaking a man's nose in washington, d.c. could it be a violation of his probation? all coming up on "news nation." which means it's never been easier to get a new passat, awarded j.d. power's most appealing midsize car, two years in a row. and right now you can drive one home for practically just your signature. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on any new 2014 volkswagen. hurry, this offer ends october 31st. for details, visit today. i started part-time, now i'm a manager.n. my employer matches my charitable giving. really. i get bonuses even working part-time. where i work, over 400 people are promoted every day. healthcare starting under $40 a month. i got education benefits. i work at walmart. i'm a pharmacist. sales associate. i manage produce. i work in logistics. there's more to walmart than you think. vo: opportunity. that's the real
. >> i agree. there's some blame on the secretary of defense. our sources say that obama, before he left on that campaign trip, told panetta, you do everything talk save those people. so, i think a lot of people in the military are wondering that were sitting there standing by ready to go, why wasn't the call sent down to send those folks in? but a lot of people need to understand, you know, when you add the cia and the heroes that went on their own, took their own initiative. >> that's what i'm impressed by. you hear about the guys who got in there, grabbed their uniform, grabbed their weapons, got on a plane and were stopped en route. that's unbelievable! like people who were volunteer fire department racing to save their colleagues, and what happened to them? >> well, i think that, you know, the two heroes of the day are glen doherty and ty woods, the two navy s.e.a.l. cia contractors that were taking the initiative that day along with the jsoc or the joint special operations command troops on the ground that noticed, you know, having worked in that military system, noticing that help
all over the country. so this ad is offense, but really it's a defensive ad to try to get them as far away from here -- from the republican party here as possible. >> and i'm anxious to see how many republican governors who are up for re-election are trying to get into the state capitol are going to bring ted cruz over for a backyard barbecue and say, hey, i think just like you do. we'll see. >> can i say something, ed? >> yes. >> i was at a -- bill clinton's event with terry mccaulive yesterday in dale city, virginia. and what was really strike something mccaulive has made ted cruz a central part of his speech. he was out there campaigning for ken cuccinelli. andterry mccaulive is saying why didn't he disassociate himself from him? why didn't he have him out here. virginia has a lot of government employees. so cruz is a real problem for cuccinelli in virginia. >> interesting. one week from tomorrow. late-breaking news today. a federal judge has ruled the abortion restrictions passed by the texas legislature in july are unconstitutional, and will not take effect as planned on tuesday.
with are now on the books in no less than 22 states, have made it much easier for people to claim self defense when they fire their weapons. but they make it too easy. that's the question right now. and joining us now is lucy mcbath, who also testified before the senate today about the loss of her son jordan, who was killed by a man that later claimed he was justified under florida's stand your ground law and also representative marsha fudge, democrat of ohio. if i might begin with you, ms. mcbath, we would like to express, obviously, our condolences for your son's loss and also our gratitude that you are speaking out so courageously on this deeply troubling issue. and i would like our audience to take a listen to some of your testimony earlier today. >> but you can never really know my boy. because an angry man who owned a gun kept it close at hand and chose to demonstrate unbridled hatred one balmy evening for reasons i will never understand. these laws empowered his prejudiced beliefs and subsequent rage over my son's own life. >> the end of your son's life began as an argument about playin
signed the defense of marriage act and over time we saw that issue shift incredibly, the first civil unions at the state level in 2000, a federal ban proposed as recently as 2004 on marriage equality by president bush. and obama and clinton for both for political reasons, didn't support marriage equality when they ran in '08. they both changed and most extraordinarily and most rarely, the president came out and said he was wrong essentially to sign doma and what do you think that evolution tells us about the ability to move from the '90s to now. >> they are nim bl politicians and also they represent a style of honesty that the public craves right now. and that's reflected in the numbers. people are tired of the old school politicking and when a politician comes out and says, i changed my mind, evolved on the issue, that's something the people are willing to embrace. clinton has shown that on social issues that matter to young voters and for whom other politicians remain stuck in the past have become a source of alienation and a variety of other issues including health care. let's not
have the defense budget after the sequester which is 50% higher than it was in 2000 in real dollars, before the whole bush war machine got cranked up, et cetera. they didn't get the memo the cold war is over. the american people said stop it, syria. we don't need this war machine. they can cut substantially, but instead the republicans will fight to raise it. democrats want revenue. they blew it in the fiscal cliff bill when they extended permanently $4 trillion of tax cuts for the upper part of the households in america. low income people weren't going to be impacted anyway, we never should have extended those taxes. you can't get them back now. it's permanent. and so there's no revenue except trivial loophole closing which will never happen because the lobbies dominate the process. and then finally, if i could just say, president obama stuck his toe in the water on entitlement reform, but it was the wrong toe. he said, you know, chain cpi. well, that means the person on minimum benefits is going to get hit if they had no other income. $9,000 a year, they're going to get hit. where
to her defense or will they pile on? a preview of how the next few hours are likely to play out when the medicare chief was on the hot seat yesterday. >> do the millions of americans who attempted to use health, i want to apologize that the website has not worked as well as it should. this experience has not lived up to our expectations or expectations of the american people and it is not acceptable. >> according to her prepared testimony, sebelius will repeat the last line nearly verbatim saying they have not lived up to the expectations of the american people. her remarks do not include a formal apology and she is expected to blame the private contractor who is built the site saying their work has not met expectations. overnight the house oversight committee released a report from the main contractor showing it reported concerns that the site was not ready for launch as far back as august. the status report was not a dire warning and was more of a list of things to do. republican lawmakers are demanding accountability. >> who is in charge of this? it was you? >> yes. i'm i
, as we just were. what is your reaction to his defense of the affordable care act and his explanation that he was not lying to anybody when he said that people would not be thrown off their health coverage? >> i never felt more proud of the president. for over four decades, i've been fighting, hoping, wishing, that all americans would have access to affordable health care. and i have to really pinch myself that this president is the defending attacks against the plan by republicans. i'm elated that we passed it into law. the supreme court now guarantees that 30 million people that couldn't afford or couldn't gain access will have the pride, the dignity and the ability to provide safety in terms of health care for their family. as far as defending and talking about republicans, i wish i could truly understand why they have this political death wish, except looking back at history, you would find that under the scope of too big a government, except when they need assistance for earthquakes and floods and other disasters -- >> invasions of iraq. >> exactly. and want to bring democracy to
in the mainstream media. the focus has been, and the defense of the republican party, is they're so concerned all of a sudden about all of these people who don't have insurance and they're getting these notices and they don't know why. you know why they don't know why? is because they haven't read the law. i want watch some of this hearing today with kathleen sebelius, the health and human services secretary. georgia congressman, your doctor, you can't tell me you've read this law. marsha blackburn, we're not going to let you off the hook either. i think these republicans out to come out, raise their right hand and say i have read obama care, first page to last page. they wouldn't oh be bringing up these issues if they knew. it is clearly stated in the law about what happens to people who are going to lose the junk insurance. but the republicans have taken it, and they hoodwinked some of the people in the mainstream media to believe this is really a bad deal, and what obama is really doing is, well, he's screwing you. come on, folks. this is about moving america forward. john f. kennedy, we play
at the practical sides of the lawyer getting paid and using the insanity defense and when and how you do that and when is it justified? >> it's justice, morals, human nature is all on display. there are moments of levity which i was surprised which you were able to craft and that the writers were able to craft moments of levity where the audience does feel comfortable engaging in the laughter. it breaks the tension and once the audience understands it's okay to laugh with the funny parts and they get okay with it. >> and do we have the law and order -- ♪ >> yeah. do you shiver when you hear that? i know i do. >> i smile. it's a reflexive thing. fred, great to have you here. >> appreciate it. >> good luck as the show is on with broadway. >> a woman from north dakota plans to tackle childhood obesity and get this, she'll hand out letters to trick-or-treaters that she thinks are overweight or obese, advising them to lay off the sugar. this is just random images of kids trick or treating. it's not the actual woman that will be passing out those information leaflets. after we saw this homor
with a faulty website had the white house on defense and the nation very skeptical about how this government can tackle big issues going forward. massachusetts governor duvall patrick joins us, home of the red sox. >> that's right. >> tem plate for the president's health care law. more on that in a moment but first, congratulations. >> thank you, andrea, we're excited. a little sleepy, too. >> quite a night of celebration for a lot of people. we stayed up to watch it but we weren't in the streets. how does it feel in boston and how important was this series victory to restoring hope and a sense of confidence and resilience as mike barnicle was saying this morning. >> the first game of the season, if i remembered right, was at the very end of that terrible week after the marathon bombing. to have the team have such an incredible season, such a turnaround from last season. to sum nature this way is affirming. really exciting. a parade in the next day or two. you'll see that boston strong spirit out and visible and strong when that comes. >> now, i want to get to the subject, the president's visit.
years after firing a warning shot at her abusive husband. she tried to claim a stand your ground defense but was denied. an example of the unfair applications of that unjust law. well, today a judge set a new date for her trial. march 31st. and he set a bond hearing for next friday. in just a few days she could be out of jail and back with her friends and family. marissa's case has sparked a national outcry. igniting a grassroots movement to set her free. and change the unjust stand your ground law. we'll be watching. these hearings and proceedings. and hope justice will finally be served. when we look at marissa alexander, a woman who was, in fact, threatened by her husband and who had had several peace warrants against him, here was a woman obviously who hurt no one, shot nobody, shot at no one. doing 20 years in jail. it shows how ludicrous it is to have stand your ground laws that protect people who shoot and then others that fire warning shots that have a history of being abused. and they get 20 years in jail. thanks for watching. i'm al sharpton. "hardball" starts right now. >>> al
and baggage and cargo where this incident took place, is that first line of defense that if you fly, you know very well, this location and you're familiar with it because you can't board a plane or get to the gate without going past the checkpoint where you show documents and i.d. and passports and they match all of those details so you are then allowed to go through and have your bag screened it. we have information here as well from the ronald reagan ucla medical center. they received three male victims from the lax airport shootings, one arrived in critical condition and two are listed in fair condition. the hospital has sent out its appreciation to the community and they are awaiting to get more information to the public regarding these victims here. but, the terminal itself is still closed. faa says it's a fluid situation and at this point it's a minute by minute -- update on what will happen with flights both those arriving and departing here. we spoke with a number of eyewitnesses who told a similar story of hearing gunshots ring out in the airport, a crowded airport. one person we spo
it based on how it's been implemented. >> a terrible strategy for the democrats. playing defense when they should be playing offense. and when you think about it, the senate's already not democratic. two senators from every state. montana gets two, california gets two, but now it takes 60 senators to get anything done. >> barry friedman and rick hertzberg. thank you, gentlemen. >>> coming up -- >> in the first chapter of genesis, god created adam, placed him in the garden to work it. work is not a penalty. work is a blessing. we have failed in introducing the blessing of work to abled bodied people who have the ability. we have robbed them of knowing a better life they helped create for themselves and their families. >> that's real sound, by the way. we did not make that up. tonight with 11.3 million people unemployed, 1 in every 7 americans is trying to make due with less after their food stamp benefits were slashed today. we'll talk about who's responsible for it and the impact it's having on families and the economy ahead. so stay with us. avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive" sale
's had to be defensive about a policy that is a great policy, that rather than coming out and continuously with a positive message about kids being on their parents' policy until 26, about being able to be covered when you have pre-existing conditions, when you're like me and you had to buy a junk policy that nearly put you into bankruptcy because you got sick. so those kinds of issues we weren't able to get to because of some missteps that we saw earlier on. and so when will this conversation really be had? when we get out of this technology debacle and people can sane ign up for the health they deserve. >> later we'll have a look at some 2016 frontrunners. >>> will the twitter ipo bring in the big pucks? plus prayer and politics. the question before the supreme court this week. the ruling could impact the high court itself. but first, the president rolls into the battleground state of virginia. who does the gop have to help boost their ticket is this [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in
and a leader that can get people to fall in line? >> well, i'll give one defense of ted cruz with his actions with the filibuster and that's this. without strong leadership, there's a void and it allows someone like ted cruz to move forward and take that mantle. >> it wasn't a filibuster, it was a faux filibuster. everybody knew which way the wind was blowing before he started because he agreed to not have -- to not let it go that far with harry reid prior to that epic, you know, how many hours that faux thing was. >> ted cruz admitted that himself. we all knew that going in. but the fact remains he still tried to do the tactic, i don't know what it was for, we can debate that all day long. >> national press. >> i'm sorry? >> it was for national press. >> it was to fund raise. >> there's no leadership at the top to rein these folks in and say at the end of the day we have to govern something, move some policy forward. no one is doing that and that's why it's given ted cruz the opportunities he's had so far. >> we'll all know soon enough when he had a pimento and cheese sandwich when he goes t
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